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Frequently Asked Questions

The team at Forklift Clearance Centre know all about forklifts! Some of your questions might be answered here.

If you don't find the answers your looking for, feel free to contact us directly. We are happy to help with all your forklift queries.

Most asked questions

selecting your forklift

Buying a forklift is a big investment and can often be a confusing choice. We can help you match your business needs with the perfect machine. With only quality refurbished brands on site and a team of experts to help guide your choices you can't go wrong! One of our team members can also come to you for a free onsite consultation. We assess your needs and help you select the best make and model available.

How important is the age of a used forklift?

If a forklift is serviced regularly and maintained to a high standard it's longevity increases. This is also true if the unit is a high quality, trusted brand. At Forklift Clearance Centre we refurbish all our forklifts to near new condition, so you are guaranteed to get the longest lifespan out of your used forklift. We also only deal in well known, reliable brands to offer extra peace of mind.

What is the life expectancy of a used forklift?

Depending on how many hours your forklift is in use, and how well you service and maintain your machine, will make a difference to how long your forklift is in good condition. We can help you keep your machine running to a high, efficient and safe standard. This will increase the life expectancy of any quality used forklift. We will also match your business with the forklift that will do the best job for you for the longest possible time.

How often will my forklift need to be serviced?

Ideally your forklift should be serviced every 200-250 hours of usage or every 6-12 months depending on make and model and type of use. The Forklift Clearance Centre technicians are happy to discuss a maintenance schedule tailored to your business and your machine to keep it in top notch working order.

What is a thorough examination?

A thorough examination of a forklift is a exactly that, a complete inspection and review of your machine that will cover all the bases in regards to safety. We check the functionality of all components to meet Australian Safety Standards. A pre-start safety checklist should also be completed on site every time before a forklift is put to work. Just ask our experts and we will put you on the right track to help guarantee a safe work environment for your staff.


Forklift Clearance Centre are thrilled to announce our second location in Sunshine West. With two locations, our dedicated teams are geared up to better serve you, providing the same level of personalised advice, service and delivery.


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